Meditation Week


Ok, yes. I have been “off” for the last week or two.

I accept that.

Is it who I am? Yes, it is.

Am I fighting it tooth and nail?

No I am not.

But, that does not mean I am not practicing and moving forward with my study.

This week, I have decided, is going to be focused on meditation.

Going back to core of the practice, a relaxed mind centered on the dantian.

Each morning, starting on Monday, I have been doing 30 minutes of zhan zuang (standing post meditation) a quiet practice focused on not focusing, instead relaxing the mind and bringing it to rest on my dantian (center). Attempting, to allow thoughts to drift by unsnagged by my mental net of intention.

The weirdest thing starts to happen after a couple days practice, after settling the mind reaching that point of lightness, I am always able to sense when my alarm is about to go off.

Cant explain it, but literally a “3, 2, 1” counts down in my head, then the alarm begin.

Anyway, its only Wednesday. Still 4 more days to go, we will see what happens by the end!

I am thinking of starting to chose a theme each week to focus on. I feel the need to do that to keep myself from getting to hyper focused on one concept. A weekly shift may just be a good frequency.


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  1. lentecost
    Aug 19, 2016 @ 15:25:42

    I was reviewing with Malcolm my meditation during zhan zuang, who advised that I was being too complex, although he liked the meditation but told me that it was not really zhan zuang, since I was flowing my awareness as if originating from the Great Attractor within the heart of Laniakea through the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy through the center of our Sun and onto the top of my 7th Chakra, and then one by one down through my Chakras, through my feet into the center of the Earth, resting there while I ceased breathing for a minute, and then bouncing back all the way to the Great Attractor, with three healing breaths on each of those levels both ways, with my own awareness as the conduit.

    He said that I needed to focus directly on my own dantian, as you mention in this post. I normally do zhan zuang in the shower, so the very next time followed his advice, and then found the name of the protagonist/narrator for my intended creative work that is upcoming any old time now 😉

    Here is a quote from that guy:

    “Water is a metaphor for our energy bodies, which flow while dancing within our specially provided playground, known as Space-Time 😉 ”
    – Melchizedek “Danti” Dantian

    I was thinking his name was Melchizedek Lanaikea, but this name seems at the same time more focused and more general. Plus, I like the nickname!

    This video is paired with that quote on my timeline on Facebook:



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