The Funky Chicken

It’s amazing how much a full night’s sleep will help. I just got a full 11 hours of sleep last night and it felt absolutely amazing.

In the spirit if taking a break when I need one, I skipped advanced Tai Chi last night and went home instead. Made a quick dinner, put on the first lord of the rings, and was out before Frodo left the shire. Got up this morning at 6 and headed to the park to practice with the other students. Man, do I feel refreshed and ready to go.

I was able to get to the park early and began doing 30 minutes of silk reeling exercises. I am currently working on learning both the 30 min warm up exercise routine and the 90 minute full Silk Reeling class routine. The idea being that eventually the certificate students will be able to lead the classes and free up our teacher to roam around for corrections and allow him to spend some energy on other school related things.

There are times when I remember the whole routine and times where those spots in my memory have been walled up and I get no access to them at all. The closest I can figure is that it’s a matter of my level of relaxation.

I find it’s usually harder to remember after a long day at work. I have been experimenting with ideas on how to fully decompress between work and Tai chi and so far the closest thing I have found to full decompression is if I can get about 20 minutes of meditation in before class. Generally it helps get me fresh again… But there are times it is difficult to fit that time in with work needing so much of my attention.

Thursday’s practice:
Didn’t get much sleep the night before. Woke up exhausted and dragging. Took the day off and just focused on getting through work until I could get home and sleep.

Today’s practice:
30 min dynamic qigong
24 form x2
83 x1
Lots of form discussion today

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