How to become immortal?

A beautiful look at learning your limits both mentally and physically and remaining young.

Longevity comes from balance and acceptance of who and what you are in all aspects of life.

Internal Wudang Martial Arts

Before the 13th century immortality was often believed in Taoist society. Some still believe it and worship immortality like a religion. For the Sanfeng Taoists the immortality refers to longevity. In Chinese some would refer to: “How to become 100 years old?” The number “100” is often regarded as a really long time period. Taoists believe that with proper training the original state of a child can be held for a lifetime. Which results in feeling healthy and happy.

The concept of becoming 100 years old (immortality) in 5 Steps:

1.Knowing your limits

Before anything else one should discover himself. This should happen naturally at a younger age if possible. Discovering oneself physically and mentally will result in better understanding. Knowing your body and mind is important to be able to hear your “inner voice”. Sanfeng Taoists practice Kung Fu at a young age to understand the borders and to discover themselves. This…

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