Peng Energy, or “Boing Power”

Here is a great video demonstrating Peng.

Peng is one of the four main directions of energy in Tai Chi. The best description I have heard is “Springy Power” or “Boing” power as described in the video. It’s the idea that, without muscle tension, you can create a structure in your body that requires no effort to maintain and is able deflect incoming energy in to nothing.

I am still learning what my body feels like to have Peng, but this video describes it greatly. I sense it the most during standing mediation, I am beginning to feel my arms being filled almost like a balloon and that buoyancy maintains their structure.

This concept is present through all of Tai Chi and is one of the most vital of all the energies as all the other ones are really just deviations of Peng.

Check Out the video!

Yesterday’s Practice:

Still taking it easy on the knees. They are pretty grumpy at the end of the day, during work I stand for most of the day and when I sit I think I need something to put my feet on something to keep the pressure off my knees.

  • 30 minutes standing mediation
  • 24 Form x1
    • Extremely slowly and keeping a high horse stance. Paying attention to the hips and knees
  • 25 minutes train surfing
    • No real choice in this one. No place to sit on the train

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